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Smell Training - 4 Pack Set

Smell Training - 4 Pack Set

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If you've experienced a loss of your sense of smell for two weeks or more, our Smell Training Collection could be a transformative step towards recovery. Smell training, also known as Olfactory training, involves actively smelling four essential oil blends every day for at least four months to potentially aid in repairing your sense of smell. Each essential oil blend presents a distinct aroma, offering your brain the opportunity to connect with four diverse yet recognizable scents.

This Smell Training Collection includes:

It's crucial to note that direct inhalation from the bottle is not recommended for this exercise, as the bottle opening is considered too small. To fully engage in the process, you'll need to acquire or repurpose four small glass jars, such as empty and clean spice jars or baby food jars, to allow for a more immersive and controlled experience.


  1. Gather Materials: Line up four separate small glass jars and obtain absorbent materials such as kitchen paper, blotting paper, or cotton wool pads.

  2. Place Absorbent Material: Insert absorbent paper into each glass jar to create a base for the essential oils.

  3. Apply Essential Oils: Add 5 drops of each essential oil blend onto the absorbent paper inside the glass jars.

  4. Labeling: Clearly label each jar to differentiate between the distinct essential oil blends.

  5. Storage: Keep the lids closed when the jars are not in use and store them in a cool, dark place to preserve the potency of the essential oils.

  6. Top-Up Routine: Refresh the drops on the absorbent paper every 5-6 days to maintain the intensity of the aromas.


  1. Opening the Jar: Begin by opening one jar, holding it close to your nose. Ensure your eyes are closed to enhance focus.

  2. Mindful Sniffing: Take 6-8 short, mindful sniffs. It's essential to opt for short sniffs instead of one large inhale to engage your olfactory receptors effectively.

  3. Focused Mindfulness: Concentrate your mind on the scent, allowing the aromas to trigger your sense of smell and any associated memories. Execute this exercise in a quiet environment, free from interruptions or distractions, to enable your brain to fully immerse in the aromas.

  4. Break Between Jars: After completing the sniffing process for one jar, take a 30-second break before moving on to the next jar.

  5. Repeat the Process: Continue the above process for each jar, repeating the mindful sniffing and focused mindfulness.

  6. Frequency: Ideally, perform this smell training exercise twice a day to maximize its effectiveness.

Patience and Persistence:

Our sense of smell is intricately connected to our nervous system and may take time to heal. Be patient and persistent with your smell training, understanding that results may not be immediate. Everyone's experience is unique, and success rates may vary. Embrace each session with patience and commitment to the process, allowing your sense of smell to gradually reawaken.

Remember to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your sense of smell or before initiating any olfactory training regimen.

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