Our Journey Begins in Untouched Fields

At Delune, our quest for well-being starts in pristine fields where our Wellness Grade Organic Oils are sourced directly from nature's essence. This is more than a journey; it's our unwavering commitment to elevate your well-being.


More Than a Pledge: A Promise of Authenticity and Care

Our "Field to Sealed" promise is more than just words—it's our guiding principle. From planting to sealing, we oversee every step to ensure that each bottle of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils embodies authenticity, purity, and vitality.


Uncompromised Well-Being and Ethics

Opting for our Wellness Grade Organic Oils means choosing a blend of well-being and ethics. Each drop is a testament to purity, authenticity, and ethical responsibility—for both you and the planet. We go beyond aromatherapy to offer a new standard in holistic well-being.

  • Sourcing Ingredients that Make a Difference

    Our commitment spans ingredient sourcing, choosing components with your well-being and the environment in mind. It's about using materials that benefit you while minimizing ecological impact.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: A Pact with the Planet and You

    Our pledge extends to packaging, selecting materials that tread lightly on the environment. It's our way of showing concern for your well-being and the Earth's future.

  • Eco-Conscious Practices: In Harmony with Our Promise

    Our practices echo our well-being commitment, striving to minimize our carbon footprint. It reflects our dedication to both preserving the environment and enhancing your well-being.

A Transformative Promise for the Future

As we embark on this transformative journey, we're starting with a curated selection of Wellness Grade Oils, each nurtured over a year for optimal quality. Our unwavering commitment is to extend this rigorous standard to all our oils, guaranteeing that every drop you receive is imbued with well-being and authenticity.

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Why do you start your well-being journey in natural fields?

Our commitment to authentic well-being begins where nature thrives best – in untamed fields. This ensures that every drop of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils captures the essence of each plant, delivering genuine purity and vitality.

What does the "Field to Sealed" promise truly mean?

Our "Field to Sealed" pledge is more than a tagline; it's a pledge of authenticity. Every step, from planting to sealing, is meticulously managed. Each bottle of Wellness Grade Organic Oils embodies the unfiltered authenticity of nature.

How do Wellness Grade Organic Oils go beyond simple aromatherapy?

Opting for our Wellness Grade Organic Oils means embracing more than just nice scents. Every drop carries the essence of well-being, ethics, and purity. It's a commitment to your holistic health and a new era of comprehensive well-being.

Why are sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging important to you?

Sustainability is at the core of our commitments. We choose ingredients with care and select eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize environmental impact. It's about aligning well-being with responsible choices for both you and the planet.

What does it mean that some Wellness Grade Oils take a year to produce?

We go above and beyond to ensure excellence. For select Wellness Grade Oils, our commitment extends over a year. We engage with farmers, closely monitor the land, understand the environment, and meticulously guide each step, from planting to sealing. This comprehensive process guarantees that every drop you experience embodies the essence of well-being and authenticity.