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Blood Orange Hydrosol Face Mist

Blood Orange Hydrosol Face Mist

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Hydrating, pH balancing facial toner

Savor the exhilarating vibrancy of our Blood Orange Hydrosol, perfectly suited to a lively atmosphere. Each spritz is a tribute to vitality, as the citrus notes awaken your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Allow the uplifting aroma to transport you to sun-kissed groves, where the essence of pure energy infuses your skin with a radiant glow, reflecting the brilliance of the surroundings around you.

  • Restores pH balance, relaxes facial muscles, maintains soft and smooth skin and significantly increases hydration
  • Juicy, sweet, radiant & happy
  • Ideal for oily, combination, dull & devitalized skin

Ingredients: Citrus Sinensis (Blood Orange) Water

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