Collection: Organic Wellness Grade Essential Oils

We recognize the value of quality, something that can be measured and understood. At Delune, we hold this principle dear throughout our entire process. Starting from the earliest moment we engage with a botanical seed to the final bottling stage, we conduct thorough testing. These diligent checks guarantee that the pure essential oils you anticipate from us are precisely what you get. This dedication encapsulates our firm commitment to the Field to Sealed promise at Delune.

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  • From Organic Fields to Enriched Essence

    Our journey commences in the embrace of organic fields, where nature's vitality flourishes. Every drop of our oils encapsulates not just purity, health, and well-being, but also our commitment to an environmentally conscious path.

  • Selecting the Crème de la Crème

    Visualize lush fields giving rise to vibrant plants, meticulously selected for their vigor. These exceptional crops form the core of our oils, infusing each drop with nature's finest essence, embodying the pinnacle of wellness grade and organic excellence.

  • Our Pledge: Field to Sealed

    Our pledge, "Field to Sealed," transcends mere cultivation. It's an unwavering promise that spans every meticulous step – a promise that guarantees oils of unparalleled purity and authenticity, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Unveil the Best of Nature

Elevate your well-being with our exclusive range of Organic Wellness Grade Oils. Not just organic – they're in a league of their own, embodying the zenith of purity and potency. Each drop is a testament to our commitment to your vitality. Join us in this remarkable journey – a journey that celebrates exceptional quality, pure luxury, and transformation. Elevate your wellness routine and let the magic of nature's finest unfold brilliantly in your life.

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Why choose Wellness Grade Organic Oils over conventional options?

Elevate your well-being to new heights by embracing the transformative power of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils. Unlike conventional options, these oils are meticulously sourced from organic fields, where nature's finest ingredients flourish under careful nurturing. Our Wellness Grade designation goes beyond ordinary, ensuring each drop is a symphony of purity, potency, and well-being. When you choose our oils, you're choosing to be part of a journey that celebrates authenticity, vitality, and the very essence of nature itself.

What is your Field to Sealed guarantee, and why does it matter?

Our "Field to Sealed" commitment encapsulates the heart of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils. From the moment a seed is planted in an organic field to the instant the bottle is sealed, we meticulously oversee every step. This guarantee isn't just about ensuring quality – it's about preserving the raw integrity of each plant's essence. We're not just offering oils; we're offering a piece of nature's artistry, untouched by shortcuts or compromise. When you experience our oils, you're experiencing nature's purest expression, sealed with the promise of wellness.

Why is there a price difference between Wellness Grade Organic Oils and regular oils?

While our regular oils offer exceptional quality, our Wellness Grade Organic Oils take it a step further. Imagine the finest crops nurtured in organic fields, under meticulous care, and harvested at their peak. These exceptional crops are exclusively selected for our Wellness Grade Organic Oils, embodying the essence of nature's vitality. The result is a level of purity and potency that's unparalleled – a distinction that showcases our commitment to offering you the best of the best. Our Wellness Grade Organic Oils encapsulate the epitome of holistic well-being, and each drop is a testament to the extra care, dedication, and premium quality that defines them.

What does "v/v" mean in the ingredient list?

The "v/v" stands for "volume/volume" and indicates the concentration of the essential oil in the product. In our Wellness Grade Organic Oils, this means you're receiving 100% pure, undiluted essential oil, ensuring that you experience the full spectrum of each oil's natural properties. We've meticulously preserved the potency of nature's vitality in every drop.

How do I store the oils?

Cherish the vitality of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils by storing them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. This not only preserves their potency but also maintains the resonance of their transformative properties. Just as nature thrives in the right environment, our oils flourish when given the care they deserve.

How should I dilute the oils?

Harness the potency of our Wellness Grade Organic Oils with a touch of mindfulness. Our oils are highly potent, so dilution is recommended for direct skin application. Our guidelines are your compass, leading you toward a balanced experience where safety and effectiveness dance in perfect harmony. Your journey with our oils is as unique as you are, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Are these oils safe for children and pets?

Absolutely. Crafted to Wellness Grade standards, our organic oils are not only safe but also contribute to a harmonious and natural environment for both children and pets. The purity and authenticity of every drop ensure a comforting and gentle experience, allowing you to share the benefits of well-being with your loved ones.

Are these oils suitable for pregnant or nursing women?

Just as your journey is unique, so are the considerations for our Wellness Grade Organic Oils during pregnancy or nursing. While our oils are crafted with care, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional before use. We prioritize your safety and well-being, and your trusted advisor can help ensure your experience is both nurturing and harmonious.

How long do these oils last?

Our Wellness Grade Organic Oils are not merely products – they're the embodiment of nature's vitality, carefully preserved for your well-being. When stored properly, they maintain their exceptional quality over time, offering a consistent and enduring source of holistic wellness. Each bottle is a reservoir of authenticity and potency, ready to transform your moments into a celebration of well-being.

Can I mix different Wellness Grade Oils together?

Absolutely, and we encourage it! Our Wellness Grade Organic Oils are your canvas for creativity and wellness. Blend different oils to craft unique symphonies of well-being, tailored to your needs and desires. Each combination you create is a testament to the versatility and potency of our oils, inviting you to explore the infinite possibilities that nature's palette offers.