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We believe business accounts should be free, uncomplicated, quick to set up and did we mention, free? No fuss, no fees, no waiting around, just a simple account you can set up in minutes. Join us and start earning through Delune today.

1. Sign Up and Shine

Embark on your journey! Become a Delune Ambassador with our exclusive Seller's Kits: the Starter Kit at 1200 AED (customize your choice of 30 essential oils) or Premium Kit at just 3000 AED (now with 80 units including skincare). Dive into clean beauty and wellness today.

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What's included in the Starter Kit and Premium Kits?

The Starter Kit, priced at 1200 AED, offers you the opportunity to curate your own selection of 30 essential oils from our premium range. Tailor your offerings to suit your style and preferences perfectly. The Premium Kit, available at just 3000 AED, includes up to 80 products, comprising both essential oils and skincare items, providing a comprehensive and exciting start to your ambassador journey.

What if I don't have any sales experience?

No worries at all! Our program is tailored for individuals from all backgrounds. While we provide resources to answer any questions you may have, it's not about being a sales expert. It's about sharing your passion and love for clean beauty and wellness. We're here to support you on your journey, empowering you to connect with others and share the Delune experience in a way that feels genuine to you.

Can I participate if I'm not based in the UAE?

Currently, our program is open to individuals based in the UAE for sign-up. However, once you join as an ambassador, you're welcome to sell and ship our products abroad, expanding the reach of Delune's clean beauty and wellness to different parts of the world. We're excited to have you as part of our community!

2. Share our Magic

Empower with Delune's oils and skincare. Inspire others to embrace nature's goodness. Customize pricing to your style. Sell, share, or enjoy for yourself. You're not selling, you're sharing wellness.

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Can I choose when to sell the products?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to fit your schedule. You have the flexibility to share Delune's magic at times that work best for you, making it easy to earn extra income on the side.

How do I choose which products to share?

The choice is yours! Our program empowers you to select products that resonate with your style and preferences, ensuring an authentic representation of Delune's magic.

Is this about selling or more than that?

It's much more than selling – it's about sharing the joy of wellness and earning extra income while doing so. Delune's program provides a flexible and enjoyable way to make money on the side by sharing products you believe in. Plus, if you're not interested in selling certain products, you're welcome to keep them for personal use. It's all about your choices and preferences.

3. Rewards Await

Your commitment deserves recognition. Every sale brings rewards and radiance. The more you share, the more you earn and impact. Plus, top ambassadors enjoy team holidays and special gifts. Embrace the journey now and redefine clean beauty.

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How much can I earn with each sale?

Your earnings are determined by you. When you purchase the kit, the products are available at over 50% of their retail price. This means you have the flexibility to set your prices, enabling you to earn the difference in profit that aligns with your goals and market demands.

Is this like a part-time job?

No, this isn't a job – unless you want it to be. Delune's program is all about flexibility and empowerment. If you choose, it can be a small and enjoyable hobby, requiring just a few hours on the weekend. Even dedicating this minimal time could earn you an extra 1000 AED per month, allowing you to enjoy a nice dinner every weekend for sharing your knowledge and passion.

What if I'm not a top seller? Do I still get rewards?

Absolutely! Our program is centered around appreciation for each ambassador. We don't base rewards on the number of sales you make, and we don't track sales volume. Whether you're a top seller or not, we express our gratitude by arranging local dinners and events to connect and celebrate. It's about your commitment to Delune's values and sharing our products that matters most to us.

  • Join the Delune Ambassador Program for an exciting journey. Whether you discovered us through a friend or are considering a side hustle, Delune simplifies it all. With low start-up costs, flexible hours, and no sales experience required, we're here to support your path. Your adventure starts by selecting a kit that resonates with you.

  • It's not just about selling – it's about sharing Delune's oils and skincare. Flexibility is key. You can share on weekends, connect with wellness enthusiasts, or indulge in the products yourself. No sales expertise required, just your genuine passion for wellness. Embrace this opportunity to make a difference in the world today.

  • Being part of our community is a reward in itself. Celebrate without the pressure of being a top seller. Enjoy local dinners, exciting events, and our genuine appreciation for sharing the goodness of Delune. Remember, any earnings you make are entirely yours – we don't take commissions or track sales. It's about sharing, embracing, and being valued.

Ready to make an impact, earn rewards, and glow inside out? Join Delune's Ambassador Program today and be part of a community that's redefining clean beauty and wellness!