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Travel Trio - Essential Oil Roll-On 3 Set

Travel Trio - Essential Oil Roll-On 3 Set

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Traveling can be both exciting and exhausting, and at Delune, we understand the importance of finding balance on the go. Our Travel Trio collection features three easy-to-use rollerball blends that help you maintain wellness while you explore the world. Each blend is designed to provide unique benefits, allowing you to tackle travel-related issues with ease.

The first blend is On-The-Go, which is perfect for combating travel fatigue and jet lag. This invigorating blend provides a refreshing burst of energy and helps reduce feelings of nausea and motion sickness, making long journeys much more comfortable.

The second blend is Immune Shield, which is a great defense against harmful germs that may lurk in public places like airports or hotel rooms. With powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties, this blend helps boost your body's natural defenses and keep you healthy throughout your travels.

The third blend is Power Surge, which is perfect for those who need a power up in unfamiliar environments. This calming blend helps you to feel refreshed and energized during your waking hours.

This bundle contains:
1 x On-The-Go 10ml
1 x Immune Shield 10ml
1 x Power Surge 10ml

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